IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Mission is fully operational again after a few years of Covid Pandemic interruption.

Our Dayroom has reopened with daily shuttle service for the homeless. We have started our weekly Chapel services again. Our Daily morning outreach to feed the homeless at the Weigens Center is now ongoing. Our rehabilitation program for men is available to anyone desiring to positively change their life with a God centered focus. Our additional vital services for other basic needs and assistance is ongoing.

New General Operating Hours for The Mission Are 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Food Pantry Hours: 11am to 2pm Mon-Wed-Fri. 9am to 11am Sunday.

Meeting Their Greatest Needs


Your Contributions

Go to work immediately to help our neighbors in need.

Programs & Services
General & Administrative

Get Involved

The issues of hunger and homelessness are an everyday reality. Those who are hurting need help now. We can only help those in great need through your continued support.


“Meet their greatest needs” through your financial support, or by donating food, clothing, and other essentials.


Make a difference in the lives of others by becoming a Volunteer!

Host A Drive

Hold a Drive for Fund Raising, Food, and Clothing.

In Kind Donations

Donate your new and gently used items to help provide for those in need” Your gently-used or surplus clothing and household goods can save lives!

Change someone’s life today!

Give desperate people the help and healing they need to overcome adverse situations. Partner with Salt Lake City Mission today and you can make an immediate difference in the life of someone who is hurting, families who are struggling, and the homeless who have nowhere else to go!

Donate Now

Meal Coupon Book Fundraiser

Fight poverty today! Join the “Meal Coupon Book” fundraiser. Feed the hungry. Provide much needed funding to advance programs that help the homeless. This is a great opportunity for your church, service club, or place of business to get involved.  Call Salt Lake City Mission for complete details or use the contact form below.