Hold a Drive for Fund Raising, Food, and Clothing

Thousands of men, women, and children come to Salt Lake City Mission each year for help, comfort, and direction from the ravages of poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Many come in need of physical assistance to help make ends meet. Many are in pain and seek much of what we might take for granted: food, clothing, life essentials. Available resources get depleted quickly. You can help by hosting a drive to help the Mission  in providing much needed assistance to deserving people.

The Situation

Imagine outfitting or an feeding entire family from infants through an adult of 60 years old. At Salt Lake City Mission, we do this every day. We always need clothing, food, every day life essentials, or financial donations to help and provide for all ages. During the cold winter months, winter clothing needs are most important.

Those needs include sweaters, slacks, jeans, coats, shoes, boots, gloves, hats, and new underwear and sock. For all ages. These items are the most useful if they are donated in a new or gently used condition.

The Plan

An organized effort is essential to make a donation drive successful. We suggest the following action steps.  You can also click the button below to download our current drive flyer. Be creative, have fun, be encouraged in knowing you are helping to meet the greatest needs of many who are hurting.
  • Select Organizers

    Select people that will help run the drive, the most important being the Chairperson.  Other helpful positions include: Communicators, Facilities, and Phone Workers.

  • Establish a Goal

    Goals are an important way to communicate a need and to encourage support for that goal.  You may want to indicate various types of approaches, such as outfitting an entire wardrobe for a set amount of people.

  • Create a Timetable

    Determine the specific length of the campaign, and then make sure that deadline is communicated to everyone.

  • Contact Our Office

    The Salt Lake City Mission is prepared to provide counsel to you as you move your program forward.  Please feel free to contact us at (801) 355-6310.