Daily Outreach & Day Center

Through community outreach, Salt Lake City Mission meets the homeless right where they are. Often times that means we are actually on the streets caring for their critical needs, or using our shuttle service to bring the homeless to our Day Center for more involved care in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Our Day center offers the opportunity for the homeless and poor to seek assistance, and find refuge in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Hot meals are served to the hungry and homeless Monday through Friday at 11:00am to 1pm at our Day Center.
  • During major holidays, we host outreach events in various parts of the city, inviting the hungry and homeless, poor families, for a holiday meal, and opportunities to seek further asistance.
  • Every morning Monday through Friday, we host an outreach at the Weigand Center. We serve coffee and donuts to families staying at the Road Home, and to others in need.
  • Daily chapel services, Mon-Fri 11am to 1pm, held at our main location. Open to everyone and are taught by the disciples in the Upward Motion Recovery Program.
  • We host a Sunday church service at our main location. The Mission is also open for emergency needs on Sunday.

1151 S. Redwood Rd. #106, Salt Lake City, UT. 84104 / 801.355.6310

We are an equal opportunity service provider.