Do you have a will or need to update a trust? Ease your mind and heart. Salt Lake City Mission continues to partner with PhilanthroCorp to provide a customized Will or Trust as a free service to you.

Since 1997, PhilanthroCorp has been helping families think through issues of stewardship and estate planning from a Biblical worldview. PhilanthroCorp’s simple, painless and confidential process will allow you to clearly articulate your desires for your family and the ministries you care about in order to accomplish God’s purposes for your legacy.

When surveyed, 3x more people stated, “peace of mind” as the number one benefit to completing an estate plan, greater than security, tax advantages or any other benefit. The satisfaction of knowing that the goals important to you in this life will continue to be pursued through your family and ministries after you are gone provides a sense of completeness and satisfaction to ease your mind and heart.

Whether you feel your estate is large or small, PhilanthroCorp can help you create or update your plan.

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