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Join Us In Sponsoring The 2023

Putting for Pencils Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Become a sponsor of our Annual “Putting For Pencils Charity Golf Tournament” being held July 15th which will  benefit Salt Lake City Mission’s annual “Back to School Giveaway” being held in August. These events help local poor children with school supplies, and other essentials for the coming school year.

Salt Lake City Mission is extending an invitation to be one of this year’s sponsors or participants of the “Putting For Pencils Charity Golf Tournament” being held July 15th to benefit local children in need.

We believe you have a great desire to develop local community partnerships that are making a real difference in the lives of families and children in great need.  In previous years, Salt Lake City Mission distributed food, clothing, school supplies, and other necessities to thousands of local children and their families during these events.

With the help of your involvement, our 2023 annual golf tournament will become a catalyst in bringing our community together in support of local poor children as we all join together to advance their ongoing education. Our annual “Back to School” outreach, which the proceeds of the” Golf Tournament” will support, will serve to prepare our area’s poorest children as they get ready for the up and coming school year.

During the event in which needy families will attend, Salt Lake City Mission will provide a fun filled day, while distributing school supplies, clothing, food, and other essentials to families in great need.  A free meal and family activities will also be a part of this fun event that will encourage poor children as we prepare them for the up and coming school year.

We give each supporter due recognition.  The event will be covered by local newspapers and television stations. And in highlighting your participation, we are eagerly looking forward to helping many poor children from local communities right here in Utah.

In sponsoring the annual “Putting For Pencils Charity Golf Tournament” you will be joining other local supporters, as we reach out together, and meet the critical needs of the most vulnerable in our community.  As you consider becoming part of these special events, know that you will be partnering with other generous “Friends of the Mission” and help Salt Lake City Mission ensure that no child goes back to school unprepared.


Please mail with your payment or drop off at our offices located at: 1151 South Redwood Road Suite #106, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

For more info contact the Mission at 801.355.6310


We really appreciate financial donations for these events. We also need as many golfers as possible to sign up!

God bless you for your interest in helping local children in need.