The Mission Is Getting Ready to Feed the Hungry For The Holidays

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On the streets, the homeless are struggling to survive. So many of them feel there is nowhere to turn. They have no hope. They feel completely alone. Places like Salt Lake City Mission offer a refuge to a life on the streets with resources to help those down and out recov-er from the adverse circumstances they find themselves in.

Ted was out there “trying to make it”, and often found himself “in the wrong places, at the wrong times, making the wrong choices”. He was ruining his life and things were going from bad to worse. Then someone told him about Salt Lake City Mission.

“I love the Mission,” Ted said. “They have been wonderful to me. They helped me when I was at the bottom. When no one else would. They fed me and gave me hope. And they prayed with me. Listened to me. They cared. I was blessed.”

“The Mission is helping me with my problems. They invited me into their recovery program so I can get out of the mess I was in, and stop making wrong choices.”

“At the Mission I also received Christ as my personal Savior. Now I feel better about my future and myself. I’m calmer and more patient. I am no longer self-destructive. I’m learning more about God every day. I love this place. I know I am changing for the better”

Ted says, “Prayer changes everything. I know that all things are possible with God and Jesus as my Savior. I really believe that now. I can see it in myself. God comes first now. I do all things through Him, I bring all things through Him. With God in control I no longer have the means to self-destruct.”

“Helping people like Ted is what Salt Lake City Mission is all about. A story and outcome like Ted’s, makes everything we do worth our effort! And just as importantly, when we serve the hungry, every meal we serve opens the door to the opportunity of change because of the resources we have to offer”, says Pastor Wayne Wilson, Director of Salt Lake City Mission.

Pastor Wilson continues, “This Thanks-giving season we’re expecting to provide more than 45,000 meals to hungry and homeless people living on our streets here in the Salt Lake Region. We will also give out hundreds of holiday food box meals to poor families that come to us for help.”

“We still need to collect a large amount of food, and without the help of the community there is no way we can expect to feed as many hungry people as we expect this holiday season.”

“Most often, providing meals to the destitute can lead them on a path to changing their lives…

The Mission offers more than meals and clothing. We offer the “Hope” that things will get better. Some of the people we serve may have burned every bridge they’ve crossed, becoming outcasts in our society. Others simply landed on hard times, losing jobs, families, and even their homes. But, all of them feel lost and alone, Pastor Wayne emphasizes.

“Help from the community through donations is very important since a hot meal or food box is often the first step to a new life for the men, women and children who need our help this Thanksgiving! They need a good nutritious meal, they long to be treated with respect, ache to feel loved, and dream of the hope only God can give for the future!”

“We are asking the community to please take a moment and decide how best they can reach out to the Mission in joining us to feed many hungry and hurting lives this Thanksgiving. We need a lot of volunteers. We need many people holding food drives in their communities. We need people to pitch in and help in donating the large amount of food we will need.”

“We need financial donations as well, which is usually the best option. This way we can purchase exactly the items we need in the proper quantities.”

Salt Lake City Mission is a local charity, serving the Salt Lake Region for over 25 years. To find out more about their services visit:

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