Why Re-Think Homelessness?

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Why Us?


The Salt Lake City Mission


God established His ministry, Salt Lake City Mission, by many miracles and He built it on His rock and He is the head this ministry to the poor and needy. So, He can love and transform those that need help the most through us.


God has called, chosen and ordained us to minister in this ministry. We are really blessed for listening and obeying Him.


Salt Lake City Mission strives to be the catalyst for linking communities together, for a worthwhile cause.


God has also chosen YOU to fund and help His ministry do this work and He promises to bless you for obeying Him.


Banding together, we can leverage our individual abilities and resources, to help some of the most vulnerable men, women, and children in our community.





Salt Lake City Mission is a time-tested, relevant, and a community-trusted ministry in His business for over 22 years and worthy of your trust.


  • We are good stewards in His ministry with 93.4% of all donations going toward non-profit purposes, programs and services to the poor and needy.





  • We are one of the only GuideStar Gold Star Exchange Participants in Salt Lake. Gold Star is the Highest Level that a non-profit can achieve and shows that we excel in reporting and transparency.






  • We received the “25 Best of Salt Lake Award” in 2015 from City Weekly for our Salt Lake Street News Paper Vendor, Dennis Gray. The Salt Lake Street News is designed to detour panhandling!



  • We received the “2015 Best of Salt Lake Missions Fighting Poverty" Award.



  • We have letters from the Utah Governor and a United States Senator, United States Congressmen, a Professor of Sociology, and The LDS Church commending us for the work we do for the homeless and the valuable services we provide to them.


  • Last year, with the participation of thousands of local supporters Salt Lake City Mission distributed $2.5 million of donated items free to fight poverty.


  • 287,304 meals were provided for those struggling with hunger. And 500,000 clothing items were given to people that could not even afford to shop at local thrift stores.


  • Almost 50,000 neighbors laboring in obscurity received assistance from Salt Lake City Mission last year.


  • We value you and your relationship with us because God has chosen you to help and fund His ministry therefore, we never sell, rent, or give your name or information out to anyone.


  • We were housing first, long before it became the popular answer in ending chronic homelessness.


We are here and we are willing to let God do this life-changing work through us, and the truth is, we really love doing His work. This is what we live for—to see God’s transforming power in the lives of people who need it the most!

But, we can’t do it without you and your continued support today! Because God choose you to fund this life-changing work and make it all possible. Please give of your time, talent, and treasures and make a big difference in the lives of the hurting and hungry today!


With your alliance, more can be done, and more people can be helped. Join the fight against poverty and become a Neighbor of Hope.



A Trusted Ministry in Salt Lake for Over 22 Years

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