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Team - Success

Salt Lake City Mission's Executive Success Team


Jesus The Christ, Son of the Living God

Chief Overseer of the Board of Trustees
Heaven -- Right Hand of the Father
No Phone Necessary -- Call Anytime
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Pastor Wayne Wilson

CEO, Executive Director, Officer, Facility Member and Senior Pastor

✞ 3 + years' of faithful & successful Christian Service as CEO (Chief Everything Officer), Overseer of the Board of Trustees, Executive Director, Faculty Member, Senior Pastor, Chaplain, Ambassador, Counselor and Servant of Spectacular Ministries of the Lords' Servants the Parent Organization. Pastoring, Counseling, Preaching, Teaching and Ministering to the poor and the homeless in the Greater Salt Lake Area

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Monica Wilson

Pastor's Wife, Executive Assistant, Secretary & Music Director

✞ 23+ years' as the Wife of the CEO. She Assists him not only in the daily tasks. She also assists him in all aspects of the Ministry to allow him to focus his time on the most important business. She communicates between department heads to facilitate the overall flow, and follow-up. She Nurtures the organization culture as a representative of the CEO. Assists in Strategic Planning, organizing, Marketing and executing all special events.







Rev. Joe Vazquez

Co-Executive Director

✞ 17+ Years' as CEO Springs Recue Mission. He is a proven effective leader, adept at navigating and growing an organization with potential into a fiscally sound and thriving ministry.  His comprehensive knowledge of Rescue Missions include: organizational development and alignment; program development; operations; staffing; strategic planning and growth, forecasting, funding and budgeting. Joe has also served two terms as Mountain District President of Association of Gospel Rescue Missions and on multiple local non-profit boards.






Pastor Shaun Fackrell


✞ 6 + Years' Experience as Salt Lake City Mission's Ranch Assistant Director, Chaplain and Pastor. He has worked with the homeless population for over a decade. He Loves helping and assisting people in need of love and Rehabilitation from drugs, alcohol and life controling problems. They are all near and dear to his heart as he has been working formally and informally with freeing those plagued with addictions for over a decade.






Wei Bai

Director of Finance - Accounting

✞ 1990 -1999 Cooridator of Forien Affairs Office at Shanghi University.

✞ 5+ years Utah Transit Authority Accounting & Finance;

✞ 12 + years Accounting & Finance work at Salt Lake City Mission




Michael Brecheisen

Assistant Operations / Food Pantry Manager






Bryana Serrano

Administrative Assistant - Intern


Bryana is an intern at Salt Lake City Mission and is earning a B.A. for nonprofit management through City Vision College. Prior to working at the Mission, Bryana was employed in customer service and retail. Bryana is passionate about helping others and is involved in children and youth ministry at Life Church Utah. After earning her B.A., Bryana hopes to pursue a career in dentistry and aiding those who cannot afford dental care. 




James Beckham

Veteran Liaison - Interm Ranch Director

20 year Navy veteran who loves working with veterans and assisting veterans and other getting the quality help they are desprately in need of.






Michael Mineer

Executive Operations





Shawn Clay







Transportation Specialist


Executive Secretary



Salt Lake City Mission Program Volunteers




Don Zeigler - Volunteer Front Desk and Donation Processing




Food Pantry Volunteer



Mario Navarro - Volunteer Food Pantry




Maria Samaguey - Volunteer Donation Processing




Volunteer Donation Processing



Volunteer Food Pantry & Cooking






Salt Lake City Mission Community Volunteer Success Team




Abe Mondragon

Out-Reach and Donation Processing

73 years old Salt Lake Resident

Loves God






Called to a ministry for the Lord. As a student of Moody Theological Seminary, She like to share the Good News of the Bible, having first hand experience of homelessness. She know the struggles the homeless people face and takes great joy in being part o f Salt Lake City Mission's Out Reach efforts.

Front Desk & Phones























Salt Lake City Mission's Success Ambassadors




Wendy Harrison





Kevin Cannon




George Gallegos





Elaine Gallegos



Paul Hansen




Salt Lake City Mission

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