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There is Power in the Blood of Jesus

Missionary Wassell stopped paddling his canoe as he heard a strange sound. It was the weird rhythmic beating of tom-toms echoing through the dark Borneo jungle. He turned to his native helper. "We must take the gospel to that village." "But that is the music of the skull dance." the native protested fearfully. "No one will listen to you as long as the tom-toms beat. They may go on for weeks and months until the chief calls a demon to himself."

But Wassell insisted on pulling into the shore. Fastening their canoe they shoved through the brush. Louder and louder grew the noise. Finally they entered a clearing where about 100 or more men, their nearly naked bodies painted with wild pig's blood, weaved about in a frenzied dance. Their weird heathen chanting rose and fell above and fell above the steady beat of the tom-toms. On top of a nearby pole was the human skull of a Dyak who had recently died.

Horror and pity gripped the Missionary. But the compassion of Christ burdened him. And so he sat down, to watch and wait. Constantly he claimed the power of the blood of Jesus, as the screaming, devil-inspired Dyaks spun and whirled about him.

Days went by, and weeks, and still the tom-toms, never stopped beating. Three weeks passed, when one night Wassell detected a new note, a faster tempo. Suddenly the Dyiak chief flung out his arms, "Lady Djwo," he screamed, "Why don't you come to me?"

Desperately, the missionary prayed, struggled, against the powers of darkness. "The blood, the blood of Jesus," he pleaded over and over again in prayer. Then he spoke.

"Lady Djwo cannot come," Wassell said. The Dyak turned and for the first time noticed him. "A stronger One than he is here, One Who has fought and conquered him," the missionary continued.

"Tell me, commanded the chief, as he dropped wearily to the floor. Other tribesmen soon packed the room as Wassell began teaching them about Jesus, and how He shed His blood for them. When the sun rose, he was still talking. When it set that day, his strange congregation still remained, listening, asking questions.

At dawn the next day they were still there. Then as the evening shadows fell, the chief gathered his fetishes, and said to Wassell, "Burn them. Your God is the true God."

A week later there was a baptismal service in the village. There was never another skull dance in the village. But today there is a church where praises to God ring out from those who have been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus is one of the most powerful weapons we can use in prayer. D.L. Moody, said about the value of the precious blood of Christ, "I do not believe there is a word in the Bible that Satan fears more that the word blood."

It is through the blood of Jesus that we have access to God in prayer (Heb. 10:19, Ephes.2:13-18). Without the blood, there is no approach to God. Without the blood there is no true worship (Rev. 1:5).

We should plead the blood of Jesus in prayer, because the blood speaks for us. Hebrews 12:24 tells us that the blood of Jesus speaks better things than Abel's blood. Abel's blood cried out to God. And the blood of Jesus cries out to God for us also, from whatever place we put it in faith, in prayer. It may be upon our loved ones, it may be upon some difficult, stubborn problem. The blood will speak for us.

In 1 John 5:8, we are told that the blood is a witness, and witness is one who speaks for us.

The blood of Jesus speaks for us, in loosening and liberating from sickness (Isa 53:4,5). The blood also speaks for us in victory over the oppression of Satan., and all kinds of afflictions (Isa 53:7). When harassed by cares, tormented by evil spirits, weary and worn with physical illness, the power of the blood of the Lamb of God will bring deliverance.

W.D. Griffin was tormented by demon powers who trooped into his mind, with thoughts of the past, present and future. They kept him from sleep until one day the Lord showed him the door in Egypt with blood sprinkled over and around it (Exodus 12:21-24) into which no evil tormenting spirit could come.

The Lord told him he was to claim and believe and see the blood of Christ over and around the door of his mind, even as the blood was on the door of the houses in Egypt.

When the demon spirits came back to harass him again, he met them with the blood of Jesus. As they persisted again and again, he simply pointed to the blood over the door of his mind, and kept his thoughts only on the blood. Soon the demons stopped and his mind had rest, as he kept blood sheltered.

For fifteen years after conversion, one reader of the Herald of His Coming had struggled against lustful encroachments on his mind by Satan. He despaired of ever attaining peace and rest in Christ. Inward loathing and dark despair possessed him. But one day he read the article "Conquest of the Mind," in the Herald. And like a mighty cleansing wave of glory the saving, purifying blood of Jesus washed away all the agonies of failure and despair and brought him to a holiness of mind and a new relationship with Christ. Now all the struggles with Satan's evil suggestions are gone.

Some time later he met another Christian struggling with the same afflictions of the mind. He gave him this Herald to read, and now he, too, is set free by the same truth and power of the blood.

Whenever the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is appropriated by faith, Satan cannot touch that person or situation to which it is applied. The blood is the token of Christ's victory over Satan, and therefore he cannot pass by that blood.

Mrs. Nuzum tells of a teacher in philosophy who charged the water in a basin with electricity, put a piece of money in the basin, and told the class that anyone could have the money who would take it. One reached in his hand, but as soon as the water was touched all power left the nerves and muscles of his hand, and he could not take the money.

Others with stronger nerves and muscles tried, but not one could succeed over the power of the electricity. They had come in contact with a power greater than they possessed and were overcome. This is how the blood of Jesus works against Satan. His power has to leave when he touches the blood.

The authority to use the power of this blood has been delegated to us by God in His Word (Rev.12:11). "The blood of the Lamb," here refers to Calvary, the victory which Christ won against Satan, and His complete atoning work (Col.2:14,15).

But the victory of Calvary must be enforced by us. We are God's delegated enforcement agents, and the power which Jesus had--all power--He has delegated to us, who are His followers (Matt.28:18,19; Matt.16:18,19).

Jesus had but to speak the word, and it was done. We, too, must speak the word, in the name of Jesus, on the basis of Calvary's finished work--pleading the power of Jesus' blood in dealing with Satan and his evil spirits. Our own words will bring speedy deliverance, when spoken in faith. (Mark 11:23). When Satan attacks say, "In Jesus' mighty name, and through the power of His shed blood, I refuse this, Satan!"

With our lips we use the spoken word, and place ourselves and our dear ones, and whatever or whomever we are burdened for, under the blood of Jesus, claiming protection and deliverance for them from Satan.

When we pray for anything, we should present the token of blood. This declares that Jesus has met all the conditions for us, and through this we have the assurance of faith that all was purchased for us at Calvary (Heb.10:19-22). And "Whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever" (Eccles.3:14). God never changes (Mal.3:6; Ps.89:34; Heb.13:8). And so He will stand by His Word and His covenant.

Charles H. Spurgeon said: "The Word assures us of things, but it is the blood that secures them to us." Honore Osberg

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