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Online Subscription Form Now Avaliable
We have two options avaliable: 1- Email/Online, 2- Postal Service.
1 - Year: $12.00         2 - Year: $24.00
Postal Service
1 - Year: $21.00         2 - Year: $40.00

We are pleased to be able to make receiving the Salt lake Street News as simple as possible.
We want to give everyone an opportunity to be able to have this paper in their posession.
Here is a link so you can sample the paper... Salt Lake Street News

Go Here for the Online Subscription Form

The idea of a street newspaper emphasizing poverty issues has been around for generations and has taken off in the last 20 years.
Street papers exist now in 200 cities worldwide. The street vendors buy the paper for 50 cents and sell it for a dollar.
"Also it's to help educate the public about the plight of the homeless," Jaques said.
"The Street News" features stories about the homeless, poverty issues and agencies that help.

By John Hollenhorst
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"This is a way for them to earn an honest income and to help educate the public about the homeless, too,"
said Brad Jaques, assistant director of development. The mission's goal is to have between 100 and 200 homeless people
selling the paper throughout the Salt Lake Valley, although initially it will only be sold in Salt Lake City.
"This is giving them an opportunity where a lot of times they've never had an opportunity," he said.

By Julia Lyon
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