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Mike Miner


I grew up in a very large family,5 brothers 5 sisters. I guess as I think back on my younger days growing up in a house full of people, the thing I remember most was my parents were always out drinking. So it was only what I thought to be normal at that time, that I smoked pot for the first time with my sister at the age of 12. By the time I was 25 I had used coke, meth drinking. Married and devoiced by 1985. For the next 17 years I went from job to job to women after women trying to fill a hole in myself that I didnít even realize I had.

My father died in 1997, now he stopped drinking for the last 20 years of his life, but I never really fully forgave him till much later in my life. When my mother passed away in 1997 I remember crying out to god for this happening. Why he could allow the only person in my life that understood me, or just loved me when my life was failing. So I left one box at a sisters that my mother had given me after she had passed away.

I wasnít sure what I was going to do, but I knew that something was tugging at me to go. I ended up at my home town and visited my for the first time in many years. After the visit I walked through praying in my mind of where to go or what to do. I found myself in front of a church, and walked inside scared, hungry, alone mostly just defeated.

Now my experience with God simply was couple of times Sunday service as a kid, and than blaming him for my parents passing away, failed marriage, failed life basically. But that day while talking to that pasture, I had accepted Christ in my life, was fed food, and put on a bus to Salt lake City, Utah. I didnít even understand why at the time but what happened after that was what I know that only God could do.

When I arrived in Salt Lake City no place to stay, or go. I knew though something was different. I watched people coming out of a little building with coffee. So being that it was winter and snow on the ground I needed something warm, so I went over and walked in. I met a girl Theresa she was in charge of the food service at that time. I got coffee and the only thing left to eat was bagels. I volunteered to help clean the dining area there I met a guy who was homeless named Dale. We stayed all day in the chapel part talked helped when needed, never realized that God had some plans for me.

Dale and I were sitting in the back when the pastor came out and started to walk by and stopped ask if we could talk with him in his office. While speaking with us he had shared that he had prayed for us and we were there as an answer to a pray. He ask us to stay help and just to see what God had for us in the future.

Now I spent the next four years learning about God, myself how to pray, serving others and watched as God restored areas in my life that I had ruined through bad choices bad habits, and at that just being a selfish person. I was employed at the mission first as the Food Service Director as are needs grew I was the Operations Director which was really no different than what I was already doing.

In the early part of 2003 God had restored my relationship with my kids. Than my daughter wanted to come an live with me. So was so happy and scared I had allowed Satan a foothold and turned back to doing drugs for a short time. Long enough that my daughter left back to hers moms. I left the mission the next six years, went to truck driving school and went around the country. About mid summer 2008 I know that God had kept tugging at my heart. I knew what he saying but I wasnít believing it. My relationships with a women I had met wasnít working out. I had started gambling. Spending the money which of course led to lying. So the day after Christmas I left not exactly sure where I was but the lord knew. After several days of praying I had called the mission and before I knew it I was headed here to Salt Lake. Satan wanted me for all those feel like I would never have that fellowship again, but when I arrived here I knew that God had brought me home.

I now am the Food Service Director and doing what God has called me to do, which is serve others before myself. Fellowship with other believers. And most of all keep his commandments. My life is such a blessing now and donít feel lost or out of place. God does have such away with bringing his children back from trials all we have to do is be willing to listen, repent our sins openly and from our hearts he restores to what we once were. God be the glory, and I thank God and Jesus for shedding his blood for someone like me. See Satan would want you to believe that your not worthy of having an everlasting life, but Iím here to tell you that God wants us all to come to repentance, accept Jesus into our lives and heart and live for him, why because your worth it. GOD BLESS!!

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