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 Jim Beckham


“When a Christian hits Rock Bottom, he finds that Christ is a Firm foundation.”
I was asked sometime ago, by Pastor Steve Bailey, to write my testimony as to how I came to this Mission, the Salt Lake Mission. At first I was not sure I could trust others to know the reasons as to the whys, the where for’s, the who’s , when I couldn’t even trust myself, that’s for sure. I think, that because The Mission had heard all the storeys before was one of the reasons that I held back. Another, is that I had heard the same storeys also. Different times, places and faces. But what I did found, that they, The Mission did care, what my story was about. All I needed was to say it! So! Here goes, the Lord has changed my heart.

As close as I can recall, I was in my late twenties or maybe early thirties, and a dedicated husband, and father. Not quite a true Christian, by a long short, however, I was trying. Yet, inwardly I found myself on a trip nobody wants to take, the trip downward. I was heading for that certain sort of breakdown that most of us resist, the breakdown of may self -sufficiency. Booze, lusted, lost of job, family, wife, kids, a home, and most of all trust of others. Mostly of family - - - trust.

Finally, I experienced the odd relief of hitting Rock Bottom, not really caring anymore whether I lived or died. Ya ‘now, that ol’ Rock an Hard place, this time - - - for real. This is where I made an unexpected discovery : The Rock on which I had been thrown was none other than, Jesus Christ Himself.

Cast on Him alone, I was in a position to rebuild the rest of my life, this time as a God - dependent person rather than the self - dependent person I had been. My Rock - Bottom experience become a turning point and one of the most vital spiritual developments of my life.

Most people feel anything but spiritual when they hit bottom. Their misery is often reinforced by people who take a very shortsighted view of what the sufferer is going through and why. But our heavenly Father is happy, well - pleased with what He intends to bring out of such a painful process.

A person who knows the truth, it’s no secret, of the God - dependent life can say, “ It’s good for me that I have been afflicted, that I learn Your status. ”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I pray that no one has to go through what I did, just to find out how simple it is to find a good night sleep and the Lord, Jesus Christ.

God bless you and keep you safe in His arms. Amen.

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