25th Anniversary Milestones 1993 - 2018

Over 4 Million Meals Served – 4.3 Million Articles of Clothing Distributed to the Needy and Over 462,696 Lives Impacted and Changed

Established in 1986, as the Spectacular Ministries of the Lords’ Servants to minister to the incarcerated and disfranchised in the Utah State Prison. In 1993, the Salt Lake City Mission was established to help the homeless, disenfranchised, and poor become independent, productive members of society through a life centered in Jesus Christ.

The Salt Lake City Mission staff, management, and board trustees are committed to helping all people who have a genuine need and depravation, regardless of race, creed, religion, age or national origin. Salt Lake City Mission provides emergency services and long-term recovery programs; the SLC Mission help’s meet the physical, nutrition, mental, educational and spiritual needs of families, children and individuals.

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Impact Results 2016 - 2017 Fiscal Year

During this past year, Salt Lake City Mission has provided blessings to the community as follows:
  • Watched over 5,385 people make faith decisions for Christ.
  •  Served over 393,428 prepared meals & 96,081 food box & bag meals to the destitute and needy of Utah throughout this year.
  • Provided Breakfast Monday through Friday at the Weigand Center Court Yard, from our portable kitchen unit, and lunch at the
    mission facilities serving 6,969 meals a week, over 30,156 meals a month and over 361,873 a year.
  • Held special “All Day Homeless Outreaches” at Pioneer Park, on Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Back to School Giveaway, Labor
    Day, serving over 18,180 hot prepared meals at these events.
  • Provided 458 Thanksgiving Food Boxes that provided over 3,361 Thanksgiving meals to destitute families in dire need.
  • Served a Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner to over 3,700 at the Vivint Smart Home Arena the Monday before Thanksgiving.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, served a Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner to over 3,541 at Christian Life Center.
  • Provided over 201 Households with Christmas Boxes, including turkeys, hams, trimmings and toys with Eagle Ranch.
  • Distributed over 14,963 pantry style meals in food boxes to needy families that provided over 81,684 meals and 4,799 food bags
    to the Homeless that provided another 14,397 meals to the destitute of our community.
  • On Christmas Day, served over 3,927 Delicious Christmas Dinners. We also gave over 7,540 wrapped Christmas presents to needy
    and homeless men, women, and children.
  • On New Year’s Day, served 3,708 Delicious New Year’s Banquet with the help of over 400 volunteers assisting.
  • Provided over 56,135 people with food, help, counseling, hygiene items, education, opportunities, etc.
  • Distributed over 636,960 pieces of clothing, household goods, furniture, and appliances to the needy of our community.
  • Graduated 11 men from Phase I, 11 and III in our Upward Motion Men’s Recovery Program.
  • Conducted more than 3,570 counseling sessions to needy souls.
  • Provided co-pays in the amount of $8,269 for hearing aids, eyeglasses and prescription medication, medical services for clients.
  • Facilitated GEDs, Vocational Rehabilitation assistance and college for homeless people and men in our Recovery Programs.
  • Through “Salt Lake City Street News,” created over 215 active self-employment opportunities for the homeless.
  • Conducted over 26,720 hours of Bible Studies, Life Skills Classes, Group Sessions & Counseling Sessions
  • Received encouragement and support from over 7,248 volunteers that performed over 359,716 hours of service to the destitute.

Since 1993, our vision of “providing real change and not just spare change…” energizes and encourages us to reach out even further to help more… There is so much more that we as a community need to do… We need your help now to expand our capacities to serve even more of our hurting homeless population.