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How To Hold A Drive for Fund raising, Food, Clothing, etc.


The Situation:

Thousands of men, women and children come to the Salt Lake City Mission each year for help,
comfort and direction from the ravages of poverty, homelessness and addiction.
These individuals are in pain and seek much of what we might take for granted:
food, clothing, shelter, and more often than not, a shoulder to lean on.

The Need
Imagine outfitting or feeding entire family from an infant through an adult of 60 years old.
At the Salt Lake City Mission, we do this every day. We need clothing, food or financial donations to help and provide for all ages.
During the cold winter months, winter clothing needs are premier.
Those needs include sweaters, slacks, jeans, coats, shoes, boots, gloves, hats, and new underwear.
These items are the most useful if they are donated in a new or gently used condition.

The Plan
An organized effort is essential to make a clothing drive successful. We suggest the following action steps:
1. Select a Chairperson: a. This person will be responsible for the organizational effort.
The chairperson may be able to run the program
alone or may require additional assistance.

Other helpful positions include:

i. Communicators - responsibilities include creating letters, scheduling talks and
other communication functions for the campaign.
ii. Facilities - this position is responsible for securing the receiving area for clothing,
policing this area during the campaign, organizing the clothes and scheduling
donations for drop off at the Salt Lake City Mission.
iii. Phone Workers - depending on the campaign approach,
you may want to use an existing phone chain or
recruit others to spread the word about your campaign.

2. Establish a Goal:
a. Goals are an important way to communicate a need and to also encourage support for that goal.
You may want to indicate various types of approaches including:
Outfitting an entire wardrobe for a set amount of people; creating an Angel Tree approach for specific gifts,
and focusing on specific gifts, and focusing on specific items of clothing such as socks and underwear or clothes for children.

3. Create a Timetable:
a. Determine the specific length of the campaign,
and then make sure that deadline is communicated to everyone.

4. Contact Our Office:
a. The Salt Lake City Mission is prepared to provide counsel
to you as you move your program forward. Please feel free to contact us at (801) 355-6310


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