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Baby Shower

Salt Lake City Mission is hosting a Baby Shower

Wednesday - October 19, 2016 to Help Mother's In Need





Join The Baby Shower Drive Today!



Being a good mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and it's almost impossible when you are already struggling to make ends meet. That is why Salt Lake City Mission is hosting a baby shower on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, to help these determined mothers secure a brighter, more stable future for themselves and their babies. Join us in our goal to help 30 women get a healthy start as well as create a special and joyful time in a young mother's life.

Our goal is to raise $5,850.00 worth of vital baby supplies and clothing.

We need to raise $5,850.00 cash to host this encouraging event. Your financial gifts will ensure that new mothers in our community will get critically needed items to begin this new chapter in their life.

How do we plan on raising the $5,850 in a limited time frame?

That is where you come in!

In order to host this event, we need your support.

With your contributions, struggling mothers will enjoy a free luncheon, receive desperately needed baby necessities, a reassuring message of hope and the resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  

While a cash contribution would help us meet our goal, we also want to share the opportunity to collect in kind contributions. Help us in our goal to collect the following items:

 ☐ Gently used baby clothing (0-4T)
 ☐ Diapers and Wipes
 ☐ Cribs and Baby Mattresses
 ☐ Bassinets
 ☐ Strollers
 ☐ Bottles
 ☐ Car Seats
 ☐ Breast Pumps and Milk Storage
 ☐ Containers
 ☐ Pacifiers
 ☐ Teething Toys

 ☐ Baby-Safe Stuffed Animals/Toys
 ☐ Infant Bathtub
 ☐ Baby Towels
 ☐ Washcloths
 ☐Baby Monitors
 ☐ Baby Beanies (hats)
 ☐ Swings
 ☐ Diaper Bags
 ☐ Burp Rags
 ☐ Blankets
 ☐ Baby Hygiene Items
 ☐ Other Baby Necessities

Our group of volunteers that are planning this event are committed to making this event a huge success. This promises to be a joyous time where women are encouraged by the compassion and generosity of their neighbors. 93.4% of your financial contributions go towards program related expenses.

For more than 23 years, Salt Lake City Mission has been a catalyst for people of compassion to effectively serve people in poverty.  Together, over the last year alone, we helped more than 50,000 people with goods and services.  We are well on the way to making this event touch the lives of many women, but we have not reached our goal yet.

Please consider a gift of $10, $25, $50, or even more. Or consider holding a donations/supply drive for our baby shower. Thank you for making Salt Lake City Mission one of the most effective charities serving people in poverty. Together we can make a difference in the lives of a new mother and her child.  

For more information about the baby shower drive, send us an email at, visit our social media pages, or call us at 801.355.6310.

Join The Baby Shower Drive Today!


Baby Shower Flyer 

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YOUR Giving Changes Lives!


God Will Bless YOU for Giving!


A Trusted Ministry in Salt Lake for Over 23 Years




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Supporter Comments


Alexandra Stratch's profile photo Alexandra Stratch: U guys are amazing. God bless Rhonda Mccleery heart emotion please help when you can. People need help all year. Just not the holidays. Amen Lynnae Ness They all need our help and compassion Leticia Soto It was awesome, let's do it again!!

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Thank You for your support and partnership!

Since 1993, the Salt Lake City Mission has been helping needy people in our community become self-sufficient.

Your gift of any amount will give them food, clothing, counseling, and addiction recovery.

Please help bring hope to so many who feel lost and forgotten in today's busy World.

With just $1.98, you might change someone's life forever!

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