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Mark Tipping  Mark Tipping


My story is not unlike many people who became trapped in the hopelessness of addiction.

I started using drugs at a very young age, not as much to fit in but because it filled a hole within me, that before seemed empty. I am not going to tell you that I had a bad childhood either. I am also not going to lie to you and say it was all bad. I had a lot of good times but constant use made my life into a living hell.

My parents divorced when I was young, but I still felt much love within my family. I just felt like an outsider and when I put drugs and alcohol into my system it made me feel like I was a part of something, it made me feel whole inside. I realize now that with drugs and alcohol, I was looking for a spiritual experience. An experience I spent 20 years trying to find! Eventually I found that the only spiritual experience I was having was with the wrong spirit. I tried everything to escape the life that addiction had given me, jail, psych wards, and rehabs. Nothing worked!

I can always remember, since I was young praying to God , in a Fox-Hole type situation, "Get me out of this an I promise..." It seems in someway he always answered my prayer's. I just lacked faith and the will to see it through.

I came to Salt Lake City around 1999, to be honest seeking heroin. I figured it would take away all of my pain, and for a while it did. I had a lot of pain at this point because the years of addiction had taken it's toll on me. I had lost friends, family members, all of possessions time and time again. I was at this point, willing to do whatever it took to continue to stay high and block all of the pain I was feeling. But it really stopped working for me and that was the point when I finally decided to give God a chance in my life.

A friend of mine introduced me to the Mission and told me that they had a program to help men like me. Around March 17, 2002 I decided to give it a shot. I gave my life completely to Jesus at this point and decided that He knew what was best for me. I did everything that the Mission told me to do. I attended Bible Studies and learned how having God in my life would give me that spiritual experience I was looking for. I learned not to regret what I have done in the past but to use my experience's as a tool to help others into God's light. Unlike many of my peers who are also in recovery, I have no trouble resisting the temptation to use drugs and alcohol again, simply because Jesus has taken that temptation away.

I still fall short in many other ways but I continue to ask God into my life on a daily basis and ask Him for the opportunity to continue my walk with Him. I have been truly blessed for all of this. Today, I have a lovely wife, a nice home, and my own construction business. I consider every day I wake up, clean and sober a miracle from Jesus Himself! I continue to try and help others who struggle with the same issues and share my testimony, once a week at the local jail. I know that God wants me to share my experience with others so that He may continue to share His light and love with others who struggle with addiction. Without the help from Jesus and the Salt Lake City Mission, my life would not be what it is today, a life filled with Hope, Faith, and Courage!

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