Why Re-Think Homelessness?

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Feeding Ministry


Stop Hunger


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Feeding Poor



Breaking the Cycles of Hunger



Done Unto Me

End Hunger



Breakfast Out-Reach: – Currently, we are the only service provider that serves breakfast daily to all of the 4,000 to 5,000 homeless in Salt Lake. We serve breakfast every morning Monday thru Friday* to homeless families and individuals.
Feeding Brunch and Lunch: We feed the homeless and the poor who come to our day center for help, life skill classes, counselling, work opportunities, etc.

Food Pantry:  Salt Lake City Mission provides families of the working poor and the homeless with food from our food pantry on a daily basis.

Holiday Outreach – Holidays are the most difficult time for the homeless. There is virtually no place open and very few to help them. We hold Holiday outreaches to give them hope and show them that they are not alone. We are there and a family to them feeding them a hot delicious meal full of hope, love and compassion. We serve every New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Food Baskets for the poor and needy of our community that cannot afford a Holiday Season Meal.

*Note:  We don’t want to duplicate the efforts of St. Vincent’s that serves a Saturday morning brunch and Eagle Ranch (Jenny Dudley) that feeds breakfast every Sunday morning under the 5th South Viaduct.


Feeding Thousands



Funding Needed for Feed Meals 2015 - 2016



Morning Daily Breakfast Out-Reach

Breakfast Out-Reach Totals 1500 x $1.98.= $2,970  260 days= $772,200



Lunch Ministry for Out-Patient Clients

Lunch Out-Reach ………… 50 x $1.98=$99.00 x 6 day a week=$594 x 52 week a year =$ 30,888



Holiday Out-Reaches feeding on holiday when virtually no one else is

Easter Sunday   3,500 x $1.98=$6,930

Memorial Day 4,000 x $1.98= $7,920

Fourth of July 3,500 x $1.98=$6,930

Labor Day Homeless Birthday Out-Reach 4,000 x $1.98=S7,920

Energy Solutions Utah Jazz Dinner 4,200 x $1.98=$8,316

Thanksgiving 3,500 x $1.98=$6,930

Christmas   3,500 x $1.98=$6,930

New Year’s Day 3,500 x 1.98=$6,930

Holiday Out-Reach Totals $58,806


Program Meal Totals


Program Meal Totals 20 meals x 1.98= $39.60 x 3 meals a day= $118.80 x 365 days a year =$ 68,912



Total Funds Needed for Feeding Programs.…………….………$930,806



YES, Wayne! I’m giving today to bring Thanksgiving meals and much more to the hungry and homeless. Enclosed is my gift of:


$25.74 can feed & care for 13 souls
$51.48 can feed 26 hungry people
$75.24 can feed 38 people
$100.98 can help feed 51 people
$198.00 can feed 100 of our neediest
$500.94 can feed 253 lonely people
$1,001.88 can feed 506 hurting people
$5,000.00 can feed more and help improve our mobile kitchen
$10,000.00 can feed more and help improve our facilites.
$25,000.00 can feed more and help improve our men's home.
$50,000.00 can feed even more and increase educational services.
$75,000.00 can feed even more and purchase kitchen facilities.
$100,000.00 can feed even more and purchase Ranch housing Facilities.
$250,000.00 can feed even more and purchase transitional housing.
$500,000.00 can feed even more and purchase even more housing.
$750,000.00 can feed even more and purchase even more housing.
$1,000,000.00 can feed even more and purchase Men's Facilities
$2,000,000.00 can feed even more and purchase Women's Facilities.
$3,000,000.00 can feed even more and purchase Family Facilties
$5,000,000.00 or more.... can leave a lasting legacy...




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