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Chuck Simonson


Before I came to Christ, I was what I call a beer - aholic and pot - head for over 35 years. I gave up pot in 2000, but would not give up my beer. I was a working drunk. I thought I was Happy, I was really , really lonely, and confused. Most of all, "LOST."

I became born again in 2002, when I was on the streets. I put myself in a Mission program through the help of a fellow Christian. I left 11 months, thinking all was well. "WRONG," I fell into his {Satan} trap again, for two more years. I was then that i realized I needed God more than ever. I could not do it myself.

God has given me a second chance at becoming who God wants me to be. He is showing me how to gain self - confidence to do His work. The position I have now, in this Mission shows me and is teaching me who I am, and what my character is. I can only give praise and glory to God for what He has done so far. I am thankful in every way for the group of people in this Mission that are helping me see my purpose through God's guiding hands.


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