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Eight Ways You Can Truly Help The Homeless!

What do you do when you see someone holding up a sign, "Will Work for Food"? Do you roll down your
window and give them money? Do you pretend you didn't see them?

Nobody likes to be confronted by the homeless - their needs often seem too overwhelming - but
we all want to treat them fairly and justly.

Here are some simple guidelines to equip you to truly help the homeless people you meet:

1. Other than Badged Vendors of The Salt Lake Street News - Never give cash to a homeless person:
Too often, well intended gifts are converted to drugs or alcohol - even when the "hard luck" stories they
tell are true. Send them to us Salt Lake City Mission we will feed, clothe and help them. Please give them one
of our Meal Coupons purchaed from us or one of our supporters or buy them a sandwich and a beverage.

2. Talk to the person with respect: Taking time to talk to a homeless person in a friendly, respectful
manner, can give them a wonderful sense of civility and dignity. And besides being just neighborly, it
gives the person a weapon to fight the isolation, depression and paranoia that many homeless people face.

3. Recognize that homeless people (and their problems) are not all the same: The homeless are as
diverse as the colors of a rainbow. The person you meet may be a battered woman, an addicted veteran,
someone who is lacking job skills...the list goes on.

4. Share God's love whenever you can: If Jesus were walking the earth today, He would certainly spend
time with the homeless. He would speak with them, heal them, and help them. Today, Jesus chooses to
work through those who believe and follow Him.

5. Pray for the homeless: Exposure to the elements, dirt, occasional violence, and lack of purpose all
drain years from a person's life. God can use your prayers, along with the harsh brutality and futility of
street life to bring many of the broken to Himself.

6. Take precautions for your own safety: Some homeless living on the streets are criminals and fugitives
running from the law. Always be prudent while talking with street people. Stay in areas where other
people can see you. Don't take unnecessary chances.

7. Encourage the homeless to get help through The Salt Lake City Mission: We offer food and shelter
and most importantly "A Way Out!" to the homeless through two long-term rehabilitation programs that
deal with the root causes of homeless. We also have a wide range of resources and referrals to properly
identify and address all the issues and needs of the homeless. We also have the Salt Lake Street Newspaper
that they can vend and sell instead of panhandling.

8. Support Salt Lake City Mission: Salt Lake City Mission is supported by caring individuals, churches,
businesses, foundations and civic groups who see the value of sharing their resources with the less
fortunate and we receive no government funding. We are audited annually by an independent out of state
auditor. We are very good stewards of the funds entrusted to us as our G&A Expenses are under 3%.

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