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Fighting Poverty Award

2016 Business Hall Of Fame Award Best of Salt Lake City - Missions Fighting Poverty Award Winner

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Why Re-Think Homelessness?


Together we can make a difference, not just for one day but a life time!





Help You









Volunteer Opportunities Click Here or Links Below!


YOUR Help Is Always Needed Today to Keep Food In The Pantry! Pantry is Vertually Empty for 2018 Spring - Summer

Pantry Empty

Fill The Pantry Challenge!



We need Volunteers for ALL the following:

   Grant Writers: develop and write grant proposal for submission to foundations.

   Banquet Promoters: to plan, develop, organize and put on fund raising Banquets.

   Ski Tournament Promoters: to plan, develop, organize and put on fund raising Ski tournaments.

   Christian Concert Promoters: to plan, develop, organize and put on fund raising Christian Concerts.

   Auction Promoters: to plan, develop, organize and put on fund raising Auctions.

   Golf Tournament Promoters: to plan, develop, organize and put on fund raising Golf Tournament.

   5k & 10k Promoters: to plan, develop, organize and put on fund raising 5k/10k runs, walks, bike-a-thons, etc

   Drivers: to pickup and deliver food, clothing, donations of funitire, to and from our pantry and storage units ect.

   Secretaries & Receptionist: Office work, filing, typing, clerical, data entry, editing, proofing, designing, etc.

   Pantry Volunteers: to inventory, sort, refill, organize and assist clints with food from our pantry

   Clothing Room Volunteers: to inventory, sort, fold, hang, and assist clints with clothing and funiture.

   Helpers: to help out we ever and whenever needed!

   Carpenters & Construction: to assit with building and repair projects.

   Machanics: to work on and repair cars, buses, trucks, ect all vehicles that are in need of repairs.







Please Consider Spearheading

A Clothing Drive

A Food Drive

A Blanket Drive

A Hygiene Kit Drive

A Sleeping Bag Drive

A Tent & Tarp Drive

A Warm Clothing Drive

A Professional Clothing Drive

A Fundraiser



Join The Meal Coupon Fundraiser NOW!









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Donation Are Always Needed & Welcome!


Food Drives Are Still Needed Every Day!

Clothing Drives Are Still Needed Every Day!


Hygiene Kit Still Needed Every Day!

Volunteers are Needed Every Day!

Volunteer Opportunities



The Urgent Needs of the Hungry and Hurting Homeless Are Not Just On Holidays But They Are Every Day, Day After Day. We cannot do without YOUR Help and Continued Support!



Make the difference in the lives of hungry poor, hurting and destitute people Today!


To make a donation of food or clothing, or to make any other type of secure donation, call our Corporate offices at 801-355-6310 or email

Click here for our full size printable mail-in add or CLICK The AD BELOW TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION ON OUR SECURE SERVER.

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Re-Think Homelessness Now!


Annual Report 2015-2016

IMPACT STATEMENT - Facts At A Glance 2015 - 2016

Financial Statement

8 Ways you Can Help!

Our Tax Exempt Information



Volunteer Opportunities


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Follow Us On Twitter


Prayer Requests

We Pray Every Day - Send Your Prayer Requests



Help You



Salt Lake City Mission is Guide Star GoldStar Gold Seal of Tranparency Participant.


"The Salt Lake City Mission seeks to serve the homeless community by providing emergency services and long-term recovery programs, the Mission helps to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals in the greater Salt Lake area. Through daily outreaches providing food, clothing, hygiene items, counseling, life skills, education, ministry and most importantly a way out!"

-- Pastor Wayne Wilson -- CEO/Executive Director


Estate planning may be the single largest act of stewardship that most of us as Christians will ever perform. Appropriate estate planning is beneficial to almost everyone.

Biblical Perspective

Secrets of Giving Wisely

Your Estate Planning Primer

Did you know that with a retained life estate you can donate your residence, vacation home, or farm to: Salt Lake City Mission and retain full lifetime use of the property? Not only are you establishing a future gift for Salt Lake City Mission, you will receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the fair market value of your property.

To learn more, visit the
" page of our website and click on "Secrets of Giving Wisely."




Privacy Statement

A Trusted Ministry in Salt Lake for Over 25 Years

Form Below

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God Will Bless YOUR Giving!

YES, Wayne! I’m giving today to bring Meals of Hope and much more to the hungry and homeless. Enclosed is my gift of:


$25.74 can feed & care for 13 souls
$51.48 can feed 26 hungry people
$75.24 can feed 38 people
$100.98 can help feed 51 people
$198.00 can feed 100 of our neediest
$500.94 can feed 253 lonely people
$1,001.88 can feed 506 hurting people
$5,000.00 or more...



Multiple CryptoCurrencies Accepted Via CoinPayments

Click Below To Make A Donation In CryptoCurrencies


All Donations Are Tax Deductible To The Fullest Extent Allowed By Law.


Security is a bigger threat than ever, so we give it more priority than anyone. iDonate uses the highest level of encryption available – 256 bit SSL encryption – to secure all of the data on our platform. All transactions are PCI compliant to help prevent unauthorized access or attacks.


Mission Immediate Needs!

Please help as much as you can and as much as you are able!

        Fund Drives - All types of financial donations, money, stocks, bonds, land, houses, businesses, grants, etc. Fund-raiser's are critically needed, accepted and always appreciated!

        Clothing Drives - Coats, hats, gloves, pants, socks, underwear, shirts, tee shirts, sweaters, thermal underwear, ski suits, insulated coveralls,  warm clothing of all types and for all ages! 

        Food Drives – We are in immediate and continued need of canned goods of all types, packaged foods and dry goods of all types, any and all meats, ie. Beef, Lamb, Deer, Elk, Turkey, Ham, jerky, etc...

        Blanket Drives - Blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, bed spreads, linen, tents, mummy bags, tarps, backpacks, suit cases, camping equipment, etc.

        Hygiene Kit Drives - Soap, shampoo, combs, hair brushes, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, wash cloths, tooth brushes & paste, feminine hygiene supplies, etc.

        Christmas Present Gift Drives - Wrapped and or unwrapped Christmas gifts of all types for all ages...Men's, Women's and especially Children's. Thousands Always Needed and Appreciated!

        House hold Items Drives -  Pots, pans, dishes, cups, bowls, silverware, all types of kitchen utensils...





Re-Think Homelessness Now!


10 Myths About Homelessness


10 Causes of Homelessness


10 Interesting Homeless Facts


10 Places Homeless People Sleep


Homelessness Doesn't Discriminate


Challenges Facing Homeless Moms


Remembering Robin Williams



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Fighting Poverty Award




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Pastor Wayne Wilson


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Annual Report 2014-2015


Facts At A Glance 2014 - 2015 Fiscal Year


Financial Statement


Tax Exempt Information


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Please Consider Spearheading

A Clothing Drive

A Food Drive

A Blanket Drive

A Hygiene Kit Drive

A Sleeping Bag Drive

A Tent & Tarp Drive

A Warm Clothing Drive

A Professional Clothing Drive

A Fundraiser



Kids In Distressed Situations

Fashion Delivers Coat Drive -

Burlington Coat Factories








Click here to listen to samples of and order Monica Wilson's CD
"I Wish It Would Rain" and her soon to be released CD "He's Coming Back"

Also you can visit Singer Monica on Facebook.

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